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Elite Luxury Single Soap 100gr

Цена по акции€24,00

Subtly fragranced with the scent of Elite, mellow woody notes are enlivened with a cool citrus twist of bergamot, lemon and orange punctuated with the green resinous notes of cedar leaf and spicy juniper berry. Lavender and fir balsam with a touch of bay reinforced by the woody notes of patchouli and vetiver.

Contains 1 x Elite Soap

A favourite of the Floris family since it was created in 1979 by the late Michael Bodenham, Elite is a fragrance to return to time and time again. Named after ‘Lotion Elite' – a Floris after shave cream which first featured in our catalogue in 1851. Elite was initially a slow burner in the Floris range and shows that patience in the art of perfume creation, really does pays off. Maintaining a few loyal followers, as the 1980s progressed, its admirers grew, both at home and across the continent, as exports to Europe increased. Elite has since gone on to become an icon among the Floris signature collection. It has found a second home among devotees across the world and particularly in Italy where the fragrance has gone from strength to strength and continues to maintain its popularity today, 40 years after it was launched.

Elite Luxury Single Soap 100gr
Elite Luxury Single Soap 100gr Цена по акции€24,00