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Cologne Sandalwood 50ml

Цена по акции€55,00

This vibrant and refined fragrance is firmly anchored by soft base notes of sandalwood, musk, tonka and amber, while the delicate middle accords of lavender, rose and geranium pleasingly interplay with fresh top notes of lemon and bergamot, which give a perfect finishing touch and artfully combine for a sublime and rich cologne. A soft twist of melon adds a sparkle of freshness to this exciting scent. 

Top Notes: Herbal   – Citrus – Melon 
Heart Notes: Rose – Geranium  – Muguet – Lavender 
Base Notes: Sandalwood  – Amber – Musk – Tonka  – Moss  


Cologne Sandalwood 50ml
Cologne Sandalwood 50ml Цена по акции€55,00