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TONKA room fragrance 500ml

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Tonka, Caramel, Cedarwood, Benzoin

Native to Venezuela and Brazil, the tonka bean has a scent reminiscent of complex vanilla, with notes of almond, pistachio, praline and caramel. For this new line of home fragrances soberly named “TONKA” Pierre GUILLAUME has enriched this exotic bean with notes of hot coffee and roasted cocoa. The balmy sophistication of benzoin, enhanced by the woody and leathery animality of a dash of Moroccan cedar, tempers the greedy ardour of the composition and gives it a vibrant and simply addictive aspect.

At home, spray upwards, avoiding leather and sensitive surfaces to perfume your interior for several hours.

La Gachette can perfume textiles, curtains, carpets and non-sensitive surfaces.

In a car, a spray on each floor mat sets an olfactory atmosphere for several days.