Shampoo Strength & Restore 240ml


Designed to strengthen and restore thin and lacklustre hair, this shampoo is infused with Biotin and Caffeine to promote healthy growth. Uppercut Strength and Restore Shampoo creates a rich lather to thoroughly wash the hair.

BIOTIN is a B Vitamin that is well known for its support benefits in boosting healthy hair growth. Hair strands contain a protein called Keratin, which needs amino acids to help hair remain strong and prevent it from becoming brittle and snapping. Biotin naturally reacts with enzymes in the hair cells that produce these amino acids which in result, promotes strong and healthy hair. It’s basically a fertiliser for your hair!

CAFFEINE earns it’s bragging rights by being a super stimulating ingredient that is a party for your scalp and follicles. It helps stimulate blood low, which is important.



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