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Médaille d’Or Creme 1925 75ml

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A nutritious leather cream, Crème 1925 is formulated with seven different waxes, turpentine spirit and shea butter oil. The leather absorbs the nutrients from the cream and the waxes protect and add shine.

The high concentration of pigments in Crème 1925 produces a rich colour tint. The pigments work to rejuvenate the leather while also providing transparency to the original patina.

Crème 1925 is suitable for use on smooth leather shoes.

Main ingredients: Waxes: beeswax, carnauba, Montan; Shea Butter oil; Turpentine spirit


  1. Ensure all dirt and dust is removed from the shoes. Buff shoes with a brush. 
  2. Apply Crème 1925 sparingly using a cotton cloth or spreading brush.
  3. Massage into the leather in a circular motion, enabling the cream to penetrate and nourish the leather. This will ensure a good layer of protection. Leave it to dry for one hour.
  4. Polish leather with a bristle brush then finish with a wool cloth or glove.
  5. Once a base coat of Crème 1925 has been applied, simply re-buff the shoe following wear to maintain the shine.

If your leather is dirty or clogged with wax, silicone, or resin deposits, clean it with cleaning lotion or Reno’Mat Leather Cleaner (ref. 0514).

When selecting a colour cream to match your leather, it may not be possible to find a perfect match. The colour pigments in Crème 1925 enhance the existing colour by providing a transparent colour tint. Opting for a lighter colour minimises darkening of the leather and enables the existing colour to dominate. Darker tints can create a more nuanced patina.

Reno’Mat Leather Cleaner removes excess colour without compromising the leather.

Test Crème 1925 on an inconspicuous area to assess the finish.

Médaille d’Or Creme 1925 75ml
Médaille d’Or Creme 1925 75ml Angebot€13,90 Regulärer Preis€23,00