Teinture Francaise Liquid Dye for Leather 50ml

€9,90 €14,00

Liquid dye for all types of smooth leather, suede, nubuck and velvety leather.

Penetrating formula based on alcohol, can be used as a base coat. Use to change a light colour into a darker one. All colours can be mixed together.

Prepare smooth leather before with  Stripper Saphir. In any case, it is essential to apply a finishing product afterwards.

Average quantities needed:

50 ml for a pair of shoes,

100 ml for a handbag,

500 ml for a piece of clothing,

300 ml/coat for a seat.

Sometimes, two coats will be necessary ( for example on velvety leather like nubuck). -

For smooth leather: apply a finishing product afterwards to intensify the colour shade, add shine and to prevent colour discharge.

For suede, nubuck and velvety leather, apply Renovetine Saphir as a finish.

Apply with a Brush, with Cotton Wick or a spray-gun.

Attention: this dye is very colouring!

Protect your hands with the Latex Gloves!

Clean the brushes with 99° alcohol or  Stripper Saphir.

If your skin gets stained, clean with alcohol, or use acetone if the dye has dried.


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