Tanned Large Cowhide Wash bag - DISPLAY ITEM WITH DISCOUNT (Empty)

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This case comes with an inner sleeve which is designed to hold your brush, razor, blades and shaving cream tube. The sleeve however can be removed to make even more space.

The Wash Bag is made by a regional manufacturer in Germany from start to finish using a rare edge-sewing machine. The leather has not been treated and is stained tan colour by a method using vegetables, this makes each one unique, but as with all MÜHLE products, will be long lasting and of the highest possible quality.

The leather for this case was tanned in Germany and painstakingly processed into a high-quality product in order to retain its natural characteristics. Slight variations in the colouring and small scars are features of the natural material.

The case fastener on the outside becomes more supple with time.

Dimensions: 195mm x 220mm x 110mm


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