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Juvacuir to repigment leather 75ml

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Juvacuir is a product to repigment leather in the same colour.
Recommended for repigmenting, renovating and embellishing all types of smooth leather: jackets, leather goods, shoes, furniture, luggage, saddlery…

Dye Juvacuir Saphir is fluid, easy to apply with a small Rectangle Foam Applicator below, and gives a very resistant result, which does not discharge. The color obtained does not fade when rubbed or in contact with water. Juvacuir is suitable for a global renovation, not for small localized touch-ups.

Remarks :

- count approximately 1 bottle of 75 ml for a small short jacket
- on very dry leather, rehydrate beforehand
- if necessary, degrease beforehand and always clean well beforehand
- can be removed with Renomat Saphir.