Beard Care Set Woodland (3 items)

€36,90 €40,00

 A beard care set for medium to long beards. The set includes:

- Beard & Body Soap Woodland 225g The ultimate beard wash to reduce dry skin for medium to long beards especially if you use beard balm. Dr K Soaps are handmade in Cork, Ireland with 100% natural vegetable oils of olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sunflower, castor seed and cocoa bean.

- Beard Brush ~ 9 x 5 x 4 cm The Dr K Beard Brush is a traditional shaped mens military style natural/synthetic blend bristle brush. It is the ideal grooming accessory for general grooming of short hair, including the beard. Filled with the finest quality natural bristle and synthetic fibres, this brush will clean, stimulate and condition your hair perfectly, while maintaining its shape and durability. Featuring a beech wood handle.

- Beard Balm Woodland 50g Formulated with all natural ingredients, this nourishing beard balm contains Shea Butter for beard conditioning while Coconut Oil and Vitamin E soothe and revitalize the beard and skin underneath. Beeswax contributes to hold, allowing styling of the beard and minimising stray/wild hairs.




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