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SMOKY SOUL Extrait de Parfum 100ml


Inspiring and carnal, Smoky Soul features smoked black tea infused with Osmanthus absolute with fruity accents of apricot.  

Black tea, extracted with supercritical CO2, is smoked with Java Vetiver essence, which brings out facets of burnt hot wood. Black pepper enhances the spicy and black notes of the tea while a trace of seaweed absolute accentuates the mossy, savory and mineral notes of some Chinese teas.  

Perfumer : Marc-Antoine Corticchiato @ Parfum d'Empire  

Top Notes: Osmanthus Absolute from China, Indian Black Pepper

Heart Notes: Black Tea from Sri Lanka, Turkish Rose Essence, Jasmine Absolute from India

Base Notes: Vetiver from Java, Patchouli from Indonesia, Seaweed Absolute from France